Dr. Naveen Kumar

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I know I speak for all of our employees as I proudly inform you about our company and the ideals which we stand for Alobha’s mission can be summed up in three words – Deliver, Technology & Innovation.


“Dr. Naveen Kumar is basically an entrepreneur and IT professional with around 12+ years of experience in the Web & Mobile App Development Industry. He is founder and CEO of an IT Company, named as Alobha Technologies Private Limited.”

Dr. Naveen Kumar has completed his basic education from Bihar and is a Post Graduate Scholar from IGNOU and also, holding DOEACC ‘O’, ‘A’, ‘B’ Level Certifications. Further, he is awarded a Doctorate Degree in Year 2021.

Dr. Naveen Kumar basically belongs to a middle-class family of East Champaran, Bihar. His father is a retired army official for BSF. His journey from the background with limited basic facilities and exposure as a successful Entrepreneur was never an easy path but his will power and hunger to success has led him to the place where he is right now.

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Ankit Gupta

It has been a great experience working with Dr. Naveen Kumar and the Alobha Technologies team; they are a leading IT firm in Delhi NCR. You may count on this company's workforce, which is among the most talented and understanding, to produce excellent outcomes.

Joshua Latimer

Excellent help and great service. Dr. Naveen Kumar has been working with us for the past ten years on several projects, and he has done an excellent job. Definitely recommended. Dr. Naveen Kumar provided an excellent service at a fair price.

Jay Lamothe

Excellent working relationship with Dr. Naveen Kumar. very timely and competent service delivery. Completely satisfied, and we'll keep working with them as partners. Dr. Naveen Kumar is always willing to work with us and deliver high-quality results.